Faster growth starts with bold hypotheses.
The early-stage fund that fuels entrepreneurs with expertise and money to find growth levers and multiply revenue.
We coach founders to build great companies
Provide advice and guidance
We engage closely with Founders to set clear visions and create clean-cut roadmaps that conquer markets.
Get advice
Seek growth levers
Our team helps portfolio startups to hypothesize faster and tune their product to find scalable acquisition channels and utilize the organic ones.
Find growth levers
Track progress
Startups we work with adopt our very own robust retrospective practice that keeps everyone focused and highlights weaknesses before they sprout. We also keep a weekly record of startups' achievements and failures.
Track your growth
Our startups enjoy what money can't buy
A next door VC won't give you:
Each partner at One Dollar Capital is an experienced tech entrepreneur who bootstrapped products, raised money and scaled in either North America or Europe.
Our partners make sure to engage with the founders every week so everyone stays on the same page and knows what to do next.
Independent opinion
Constant feedback is what we adore. Also, we don't chit-chat with other VCs. If we decide to pass on your startup, no one will ever know.
Informal atmosphere
Staying professional is more about attitude than rituals for us.
A strong faith in startups
We believe in Silicon Valley. We believe in Berlin and Bangalore. We believe in EdTech, Sharing Economy and AI. We believe in female and first- time founders. Prove us right.
Fast decision-making
Startups should be fast to succeed. Why should't VCs? We either invest or pass in 7 days.
All great startups resemble one another,
every failed one is unique.
(inspired by Leo Tolstoy)
— What stages do you invest in? And how much?
— We invest in pre-seed and seed. Sometimes we even take Series A and risk with raw ideas. For any stage we start from investing $1. The max check is based on your vision and performance.
— How much equity does One Dollar Capital take?
— Depending on your valuation, we prefer to take between 10% and 20%.
— Do you charge startups for your engagements or anything else?
— No. We only take the equity.
— How does One Dollar Capital make money then?
— Just like any other early ventures fund, we hope to make right bets and win big when you succeed.
— What is your experience so far?
— We enjoy it. We've invested in a couple of promising teams in the States, Europe and CIS and keep searching for awesome startups.